Saturday, May 26, 2012

And then it was the weekend....

Friday was pretty boring. We started out by cleaning up the tiger enclosure. I was working with a different keeper today. Her name is also Amanda. She needed to clean out the pool make sure that it was all scrubbed down while the rest of us (being me and the other two interns) weeded in between the hot grass. Hot grass is basically an electric fence of sorts that kind of looks like grass. The idea is that an animal could easily step or reach over a normal electric fence, but since the grass isn't a straight line, they are less likely. The reason for weeding is to a) make the exhibit look nicer and get rid of weeds in general and b) if a plant is touching the hot grass it draws away some of it's energy which makes the grass less powerful. Which isn't good when you're trying to keep tigers in.

After that was done I went off with the other Amanda to help her finish lower road. Once that we done we headed off to lunch and then after lunch we needed to go get our delivery. On the way to the delivery we decided that we needed (wanted?) to go take a look at the new Zoorasic Park exhibit that opens today. We wanted to see it before a ton of visitors swarmed it. Our excuse was that we needed to see what it was like in case visitors asked us. In reality we just wanted to experience it. It was pretty cool, all of the dinosaurs move and make noise. One of them even spits at you.

After that we completed delivery and went to go clean out our male wildebeest's enclosure. The nettle's gotten really tall there and it needed to be taken out. That took about an hour or so to do. Once that was done we Amanda and I started on our normal routine with lower road. We finished with about 30 minutes to spare so we helped John with his routine by feeding the zebras and two of the cranes. We also helped him by feeding the bongos. This was my first experience with the bongos and they are the only animals that we are allowed to directly interact with. They're very sweet and gorgeous animals.


After that my day was done so I headed home for the weekend....and amazingly hit absolutely no traffic. Weird.

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