Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Bertha!!

Well nothing too exciting to report for today, but it was Bertha's (one of our ostrich's) birthday! We didn't celebrate...although I bet they would have enjoyed pecking at some cake.

In other ostrich news I was able to watch a medical procedure today where they used an x-ray to look at an ostrich. It was very interesting to watch, although I wasn't able to be involved. It's for the best, ostrich's are very strong.

I was able to work on top road today so that means that I now work with all of our cranes, hornbills, ostrich, Grants zebras, and bongos. I like the bongos the best since they're the friendliest.

Like I said, nothing really exciting to report for today. Also, on a side note for all you readers: I'm going to start only posting once or twice a week instead of every night. That way I can save some time at night and get to sleep earlier. So just keep a look out!!

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