Thursday, May 24, 2012


Hello All,

Today was a pretty uneventful day. We went about our day in the normal way, with me on bottom road again. I didn't work with the cats at all today though. I'm not exactly sure why, it could be because of the keeper I was with perhaps is not trained to work with them, or just that other keepers took priority. Who knows. I didn't bother asking since if it was because of the keeper I was with I didn't want to make them feel bad. All of the animals seemed to be doing well today. I even got to help with the zebras a bit before lunch. No interaction with them, just mucking a stall. Nothing to major.

After lunch we went to go get our delivery of foods for the animals. Normally this is done in the morning (as it was this morning) but due to some giraffe training going on we are switching it to an afternoon pick up. This means that we will be getting the next days food the afternoon before. Which is fine because it's already prepped then, but it switched up the schedule a bit. Once the delivery was done and unloaded to where ever it needs to go Amanda decided that we would go and weed one of the crane's yards (Klavdia is her name...she's Russian...) and then along the fence of the ostrich enclosure. Mostly we were trying to get rid of all the stinging nettle that is there. For those of you that haven't encountered this "lovely" plant before, it's kind of a pain in the butt....or basically whatever you touch it with. If you even brush the plant it instantly stings you and you get little white welts where ever it touched. This gives you intense pain for about 10 or so minutes. I of course was stung twice. Not fun. Once on my thumb and once on my arm. It's a very tricky process.

It looks like this....

Looks harmless right? It's totally's got tiny little hairs on it that act like needles and inject you with histamines and other chemicals. Which if you get it really bad can look like this...

File:Nettle Sting.JPG

Well anyways after that we finished up with our normal routines and then headed out. Like I said...pretty boring day. Other than those stupid plants....time to get some cowhide gloves....

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