Monday, July 30, 2012

My Last Week

Finally it had arrived. My final week at the zoo. It was bittersweet, happy to leave because that means I won't have to wake up at 4:30 in the morning anymore, and sad because I'll miss the animals. I've decided that I'm not going to divide  this entry into different days 1) because I forgot to write a daily log of what happened and 2) I'd much rather reflect on the things I've learned and seen.

Over the summer I've gotten to know many of the animals, how to take care of them, and why we do the things we do for them. I've learned about the daily jobs of a zoo keeper, a little bit about zoo medicine, zoo history, training, ethics of a zoo, and many more things. Everyone at the zoo was great about answering my questions and usually had a good answer for the question. Sometimes they didn't know, which is fine of course, but if they didn't know they tried to find out the answer for me. Which was much appreciated.

On my second to last day I was asked "What was your favorite moment this summer, and what was your least favorite thing to do?" My least favorite thing to do was easy to say because it was the thing I was doing at that exact moment, cleaning the camel barn. Erin laughed at this response, because I'm pretty sure it's everyone's least favorite thing to do. As for my favorite moment this summer, I couldn't pick just one. I really enjoyed the first time that Anala chuffed at me (which for those of you that don't know, chuffing is the sound they make when greeting a friend), getting to interact with Beau and Jana, watching training sessions with Chris, and watching the ostrich dance on exhibit. All of those are memories that will stay with me forever I think.

Overall I think that it was a great summer, and the things I learned will really help me in the future. I've made great connections and lasting memories. I want to thank all of you that supported me this summer, even if it just meant reading this blog each week.

Izzy, Lady, and Anna

Beautiful Male Peacock



Kotze dancing for us


Freida being curious...

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